Heli Tour Terms and Condition:

Helicharters Team offers flexible terms and conditions for a memorable Heli tour in Nepal. We have helped many customers to accomplish their lofty dream of Nepalese Himalayas. Our standard Helicopters, qualified pilots, crews, support staffs are capable of helping our clients with a thrilling flying trip. We specialize in Heli tour (Sightseeing) & Heli Trekking in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang regions. Apart from Heli tour and Heli Trek, the immediate medical evacuation Heli-rescue is an integral part of our service.

Below is the list of our Heli tour and Trek booking terms and conditions:

For making a reservation, you will have to send us an email. After receiving your email, we will forward our reply, including all necessary info, details, charges info, forms, documents required, etc. For booking with us, you will have to deposit 25 % of the total payments. Initial payment is necessary to manage all legal procedures, staff expenses, charter bookings, etc. Full fees are compulsory before the Heli Flight schedule at our Kathmandu office.

Documents Required:

Visitors will have to send the scanned copy of their original Passport. Likewise, we encourage our clients to submit a scanned copy of their Passport size Photographs as well, both via our authentic email address.

Bank Transfer:

Payments via Bank transfer applies to some additional service charges, which clients will have to pay themselves. Customers will receive the deposit voucher after 12 hours of Amount deposit. Importantly, we encourage our clients to mail us the scanned copy of the amounts deposited into our account.

Below are the details of our Banking Transactions:

We also accept payments via Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, Western Union, Credit Card, etc. Besides this, we also take payments via direct cash.

Note: 4% extra charge is liable for credit card transactions,
Cancellation Terms and Conditions for Heli Tour, Heli Trek:

If the weather not appropriate and there is a difficulty for flight, in this case, we will cancel the schedule. However, we will provide prior notice. For such situations, we will refund all your reservation amount.

Cancellation of Tour before ten days of schedule results in 50 % of the amount refundable. However, authorized cancellation letter explaining the reason is mandatory,

Failure to report for cancellation before ten days of a tour schedule results in no amount refunds.

Likewise, if you cancel the trip in the middle of the tour, then no amount shall be refundable.

  • We encourage our customers to take full Travel insurance, including immediate Heli rescue services. Additionally, travel insurance helps under challenging conditions like lost of goods, failed flight tickets, etc
  • Clients should take full responsibility for their rights, products, luggage, etc. We are not responsible for their lost goods or luggage. However, we are always ready to help our clients in any hard situation,
  • Always check our website for all the details regarding the tour, costs, etc. However, we shall provide you with pricing index after the reservation,
  • We recommend our customers to follow all laws, rules, and regulations of Nepal Government. Additionally, we shall guide our customers about all the laws, rules, and regulations. Avoiding government rules and management leads to legal action.