We offer quick mountain rescue for trekkers in the high altitude region of Nepal. Trekking in Nepal ranges from moderate altitude to extreme altitude. So, trekking in Nepal comes with thrilling adventures and some difficulties. The main challenge is the factor of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Every trekker doesn’t face the impact of AMS; however, the cause of AMS arises with an increase in altitude. Our Heli rescue service provides quick services for all medical evacuation rescues at high altitude.

AMS arises due to a decline in air pressure, which results in a lower oxygen level. Victims may face effects like dizziness, a decrease in RBC, Vomiting, physical fatigue, etc. We recommend Acetazolamide tablets, plenty of drinking water to overcome dehydration. In the case of extreme medical urgency, we are always ready to provide immediate Heli rescue services. Our qualified crews, Support Staffs, Pilots, Co-pilots are keen to offer you a quick service.

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