Charter Nepal

Charter Nepal is a renowned name in Nepal, for Helicopter Tour, Heli Trekking, Heli rescue operations, etc. Nepal is a mountainous country with many vistas of magnificent mountains. We take you to the close sceneries of enormous mountain ranges in Nepal like Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, etc. Many visitors globally praise our services, which adds motivation to our mission. We are certified and trusted, incorporating partner with Nepal's top Helicopter companies. Our Heli charter services consist of a unique blend of packages, which make an aerial trip in Nepal more significant. We design Heli sightseeing, Heli trek, plans as per the latest trends and our customer's requirements. However, we are always ready to customize our plans, depending on your flexibility. Our mission is to promote the virgin asylums of typical Nepali Himalayas.
Charter Nepal team provides immediate Helicopter services for any scenic tour. We specialize in the Heli tour in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, regions. Heli sightseeing is a great platform to enjoy the Himalayas, sceneries, midair photography, and more. Indeed, Heli tour, Heli trek with us, offers a memorable journey at unbeatable prices.
Our pilots, co-pilots, crews, and support staff are certified and vastly experienced personnel in Nepalese Himalayas. So, experiencing Heli tour, Heli sightseeing, Heli trek with us admits total security. Importantly, we have served many enthusiastic clients globally with a satisfying aerial journey of Nepal.
Our Helicopters are suitable for all kinds of Heli tours, Heli trek, and rescue operations in high altitude regions. Besides this, our Helicopters undergo timely servicing and maintenance under the supervision of best Aircraft maintenance Engineers.
Apart from the Heli sightseeing tour, Heli trekking, we also offer immediate Heli rescues services. We operate Helicopters for prompt medical evacuations at extreme altitude, and other rescue works.
Heli Tour, Heli Trekking, is a more comfortable choice rather than conventional trekking. It is because of Heli sightseeing and trek proposes views of hidden landscapes and at a quick time.
Thus, the Charter Nepal team looks forward to serving our customers with a joyful aerial Holiday trip of Nepalese Himalayas.